Why don’t modern phones have a physical home button anymore?

The advent of mobile phones with a touch screen a few years ago led to the disappearance of phones with keyboard. Over the years, manufacturers have also been removing some buttons that users were used to. One of them is the start button that is no longer integrated into mobile phones. Why did the brands decide to remove this feature? Here we tell you.

The main buttons on the phones continued to appear for a few years, but were later phased out like the call and hangup buttons. Then another common button was removed: the start button. One of the first manufacturers to do so was Manzana in the iphone.

If everything keeps going, the power and volume buttons would also disappear from smartphones, just as Samsung has done in the now-defunct Galaxy Note series of phones, which has no power button.

Why did the home button disappear on cell phones?

that manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi They have decided to eliminate the start button on their mobiles, it is not only due to a design issue, but there is more than one reason. Next, we detail it:

  • All screen phones: One of the main reasons for the disappearance of the home button is the search for all screen phones. Major brands like Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi are vying for the largest and most advanced display. In this sense, the start button was a clear obstacle to that goal.
  • More elegant design and flat surface: Removing the Home button on smartphones also makes the phone’s surface smoother and more elegant and homogeneous in appearance.
  • Outdated Technology: Although in the past the home button was considered an important feature in mobile phones, today for manufacturers it is already an obsolete technology.