Why don’t Turkish people use toilet paper when they go to the bathroom?

Each country has its customs. Surprising but true, in Turkey people do not use toilet paper after using the bathroombecause they have an fCompletely different way of washing. They resort to water after finishing their stools and it is a habit that has become part of their modern customs. Here we tell you the reasons why they do not use it.

Why is toilet paper not used?

The custom of using water instead of toilet paper comes from historical times in Turkey. It should be noted that the civilizations of middle East did not know paper as a method of cleaning at the same time as other societies, because from the XIX century began to be commercialized in the area, so its citizens continued to use the traditions of traditional cleaning.

For many years, toilet paper was considered as a “impure” in Turkish society. The Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey prohibited its use as part of the modernization. “For a prayer to be considered legitimate, the body, the clothes and the place of prayer must be free of elements considered ‘impure’ by Islam,” it stated. Diyannet

How are the toilets in Turkey?

Baths in Turkey They don’t have a toilet like in the West, instead they have a Turkish plaque on the floor with a black hole in the sky and two slots for feet, these “toilets in Turkishs” can be made of earthenware, marble or porcelain.