Why is it not advisable to turn off your home router at night?

There are two types of people who have internet at home. There are those who leave the router on all day to connect to the internet at any time, as well as those who prefer to turn it off at night, since they think that this device should ‘rest’ or that it will save them a little money.

As detailed by Think Big, a portal specialized in technology, many users believe (wrongly) that always having the router on will cause its useful life to be shortened. However, this is not entirely true, since these devices have been designed to work 24 hours a day.

According to the publication, the hours in which the router usually ‘suffers’ more than necessary is when there is a lot of activity, this usually happens in the mornings, afternoons or nights, but not at dawn. In these periods, the device will be practically at rest, since everyone will be sleeping.

Contrary to what you might think, turning the router off and on continuously could affect it. For this reason, specialists recommend keeping it always on and only disconnecting it when you are going to spend a long period away from home.

“Constantly turning off the router makes the line appear unstable, which means that your speed can be automatically reduced to improve the reliability of your broadband connection,” says internet provider BT, according to Computer Hoy.

Another reason why you should not turn off your router at night is because it prevents automatic software updates from being carried out, which are usually done at this time so as not to harm the user’s speed.

“Unplugging your router overnight can affect automatic software updates, which in turn can affect the overall performance, speed and stability of your broadband,” says provider Sky Broadband.

Finally, because the energy consumption of the router at night is minimal, there will not be a great saving in the electricity bill. If what you are looking for is to avoid large electricity expenses, the ideal is to disconnect the television, the computer, among other devices that you are not using.