Why is it not good that you connect with your phone to public Wi-Fi networks?

There are millions of people in the world who have a smartphone own. Thus, as part of everyday life, many access their favorite apps, be they social networks or messaging services. However, these platforms require access to Internetso if you do not have it when you go out, it is impossible to use them normally.

In this type of situation, there are not a few who choose to look for free wi-fi networks nearby, whether they are in malls, stores, restaurants or even in airports. However, even if it seems harmless, connecting to the same can be risky for the integrity of your personal data.

These internet connection points that allow access without making any payment are normally restricted to meeting certain requirements, whether it is registering on a platform or granting permissions on the smartphone. This process is crucial to determine if your privacy is exposed to third parties.

Why is it not good to connect to public Wi-Fi networks?

Although it may seem irrelevant to you, when you connect to free Wi-Fi networks on the street, you allow those who manage the connectivity service to have full access to your mobile phone. In this way, they may install some malware without your knowledge, the same one that will serve to follow your activity. Thanks to this, it is possible that they steal your personal information, such as your bank numbers, for example.

Also, in order for you to access the internet, they usually ask you to accept the terms and conditions. However, it may mean that they download associated apps, which are usually paid or have massive advertising. In addition, they will take up space in your storage memory and removing them is not so easy.

Finally, keep in mind that although it is a measure that many choose to use in emergencies, it exposes you to third-party interests that can download malicious content onto your computer. If you do connect, once you stop doing so, try to clean the device with your antivirus applications. It also works for you to check if there is any new software, so that you can uninstall it manually.

How to clean the speakers of your smartphone if water fell on them?

One of the most serious problems that can happen with a smartphone —as well as with any other device— is the presence of liquids like water inside it. Although there are cases in which the damage is already irreparable, many others can be solved by something as simple as software from the Android store.

Can an app clean the water on your Android or iPhone cell phone? The answer is it depends and it varies according to the result we want to obtain. One of the most common damage caused by liquids in smartphones is the malfunction of the speakers.

What does it mean that your phone is ‘jailbroken’ and why does it matter if you are going to buy one?

An unlocked phone is one whose IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is not linked to any company. Therefore, if you are going to buy one like this, you can change companies whenever you want without having to get another device. In other words, you can use the same chip and access other portability plans wherever you want.

It is important that you understand that the identification code that we mentioned is on all smartphones. Thus, it registers 16 digits with a standard format and is used in most countries. Worth the redundancy, it works as the identity document of any device wherever it is used.

Why should you turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi when you’re out and about?

The connection to Wi-Fi networks is a feature that comes from the factory in all smartphones, whether they are Android or iPhone. People with a smartphone know that, thanks to this technology, they can link their devices with an internet router, either at home or at work. The problem is that many people often make the mistake of leaving it on all the time. For many it seems like a harmless action; however, it can cause serious problems. Would you like to know which ones? Here we are going to tell you.

Wi-fi is disabled by default on your cell phone. However, once you enable it, it will search for an internet router to connect to. The process, if the password has already been established previously, takes a few seconds.

How to turn off the alarm clock on your Android phone without touching it?

Since the advent of smartphones, millions of people have abandoned traditional alarm clocks to now use an application that allows them to arrive on time to work, study center or a meeting. In some cases, it is annoying to have to touch the cell phone to turn off the alarm. For this reason, in this note we will show you how you can deactivate the app without having to stand up or stretch to touch the screen.

  • In the alarm menu, tap Snooze
  • Click on the Snooze Time section, choose the period of time you want the alarm to sound again and press Confirm
  • Then access Automatic Postponement and click on Configure
  • Select the time the alarm should sound before automatically snoozing and click the Confirm button
  • Go to the Snooze limit section and click on Configure
  • Choose the number of times you want to snooze the alarm and tap Confirm
  • Finally, go back to the alarm menu and click Save.

What is the HDR mode of your phone’s camera and how does it work?

HDR, which is an abbreviation for high dynamic range or high dynamic range, is a mobile camera feature that takes three snapshots captured with different light exposures. Later —through software— these three are combined into one and thus the best of each of them is highlighted.

In this way, the HDR mode is responsible for obtaining a better exposure of each area of ​​the scene, treating the lights and shadows in the best way. In this sense, this functionality tries to help the smartphone camera take photos as naturally as possible. The final result is usually a photograph that is more like what you are seeing with your eyes.

Why is it important to update the applications you have on your phone?

It also points out that cyberattacks can occur through security breaches in applications and because in most of those available in the Play Store, there are programming errors that could be used as attack vectors.

Updating the apps is also important, not only because it improves some functions and incorporates new features, but also because they correct bugs and vulnerabilities that can affect their good performance. Therefore, the main reasons to update your mobile apps are:

  • Viruses can enter: cybercriminals often take advantage of security flaws to infect smartphones with viruses and thus seize user information. For this reason, it is important to keep our apps updated at all times.
  • New features: applications like WhatsApp and other social networks usually release updates periodically to add new features
  • Slow application: an outdated app can cause it to not work correctly and, therefore, its operation can slow down.

Bill Gates confesses what his new phone is and it is not one of those made by Microsoft

Bill Gates, who is known for creating Windows and co-founding Microsoft, is one of the greatest leaders in the field of technology. Thus, any event related to his pronouncements does not take long to go viral. In this sense, through his Reddit account, he commented that he left his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 that he used for almost two years, to jump to a more modern and powerful computer. Which? We tell you.

Everything seems to indicate that the billionaire is not convinced by the Surface Duo 2 proposal, since instead of having it as his personal equipment, he prefers to opt for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung’s latest premium folding smartphone.

Why should you deactivate the bluetooth of your phone when you are on the street and you do not use it?

The bluetooth connection is a way that cybercriminals use to gain access to your smartphone. As such, you can be exposed to potential bluebugging, which occurs through gaps in the identification system. That way, they can read the content you send or modify the data.

Also, if you leave the feature running all day, you could inadvertently link to unknown computers and you won’t notice it right away. In those cases, you would be involved in a security and privacy problem, since your personal information would be shared with third parties.

Like any other function that is running, bluetooth, if you don’t use it, will consume your smartphone’s battery. If you don’t have a charger handy or want to preserve the autonomy of your device, try turning it off.