Why is it questionable whether Ana María Polo, the doctor in “Case Closed” is dead or alive? [FOTO]

In the ‘denying’ section fake news‘ of The popular We reveal the reasons why people thought that the famous doctor Ana María Polo, host of the well-known program “Caso Cerrado”, was dead after allegedly drowning in Miami. Did he really die or is it just a lie? Discover it here.

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Why is it believed that Dr. Ana María Polo, from Case Closed, is dead?

After strong rumors began to circulate at the beginning of this 2022 about the presumed death of the Dr. Polo after drowning while swimming off the beaches of Miami, who, despite the rescue efforts, could not be saved. There were several forums and pages on the Internet that reproduced this news as true.

However, and despite the fact that it had all the earmarks of ‘fake news’, it was the same lawyer who at the end of January came out to deny that she was dead and published a photograph to confirm that she was still alive. “More alive than ever! #HeDicho #CasoCerrado #AnaMariaPolo,” wrote Ana María Polo on her official Instagram account. Instagram.

Although it was thought that this would end the speculation of his death, it was not enough and the rumors reignited, creating doubts among his faithful followers, this until the same Dr. Polo decided to open his account TikTokwhere he publishes funny videos with the most famous trends of said platform.

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How did Ana María Polo start in Case Closed?

The first time the show aired Case closed was on April 2, 2001, which was originally called couple room, created to solve marital problems, although later new cases of various problems were added. This led to changing the name and popularizing his classic phrase after hitting the hammer, which became one of the most successful spaces on North American television and Telemundo.

In an interview with the magazine People In 2020, Dr. Polo assured that she was ending her participation in Case Closed, since she considered that she was not doing anything new. However, the lawyer showed her desire to continue on the small screen, so she is currently waiting for a proposal that will convince her.