Why is WhatsApp temporarily suspending some accounts?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the messaging platform most used in our day to day. In addition to being a handy tool for communicating with friends and family, many users they use it to perform work tasks or manage their businesses. Therefore, when we come across the message of “temporarily suspended” in the Meta app, it can be quite frustrating. In this case, it is important to understand the cause of the problem and know the possible solutions to be able to solve it.

If you have received a message within the WhatsApp application that your account has been “temporarily suspended”, you may be using an unauthorized version of the application instead of the official one. This type of situation usually occurs when users install modified versions, known as MODs, of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Gold or WhatsApp Plus, which are prohibited.

In addition to the use of unauthorized versions of WhatsApp, it is important to note that data extraction can also lead to the temporary suspension of your account. Data mining involves obtaining information automatically or manually, both in specific quantities and on a large scale, for purposes that are not permitted. This includes the acquisition of application user data, such as phone numbers, profile photos and statuses, which is strictly prohibited by the messaging service’s rules.

How to recover my WhatsApp account?

To try to activate our account again, we must send an email to the support address of WhatsApp, @support.whatsapp.com. In this email you must explain the situation and argue why you think the ban was a mistake, as well as request the reactivation of the account.

It is important to note that the process of recovering a credit account WhatsApp it can take several days, so patience is necessary. Once you have filled out the review request form, you must wait for the messaging app to review your case and determine if it is possible to lift the suspension of your account or not.