Why Magaly Medina doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday? This was revealed by “Urraca”

Magaly Medina Keep giving the time in your posts. This time, through his account TikTok, decided to share something personal that left everyone amazed: the host dislikes celebrating her birthday. Who else shares this disgust?

Why doesn’t Magaly Medina like her birthday?

The popular ‘Urraca’ flatly assured that she does not like to commemorate her birthday. “There are infinite reasons, but I have never liked to celebrate. When I could travel, I ran away for my birthday. I don’t like being harassed even if it’s with great affection, receiving hundreds of messages because I don’t like to answer everyone,” he said Magaly.

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However, he confessed that, when it comes to other birthdays, things change. “Yes, I like to celebrate the people I love. The details, I organize it, I’m a finger, I’ve sent them to make the cake, for many years. But I don’t like being celebrated. Some other time my friends have convinced me or my husband and they have done it. But always a very small thing. And this year, my husband has been insisting that he wants to celebrate my birthday and I have told him in all languages ​​that no, no and no, “said the host of shows.

What does Magaly Medina like to do on her birthday?

The host revealed that she prefers to travel and have thousands of experiences, which she considers to be worth much more.

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“With the little money spent on the organization, I prefer to be taken on a trip and take lots of photos. That makes me happier, choosing the gifts I want and thus not making faces when others surprise me with gifts. I am so cold when I didn’t like something. Everyone tells me: ‘Maga, this year how is the birthday’. And I disappear. One has to do what he likes”, he concluded.