Why was Gianella Neyra bankrupt and how did she manage to get out of it?

Not everything has been rosy for Gianella Neira, one of the Peruvian actresses with a long history in national and international productions. Cristian Rivero’s partner once told that he had financial problems in his artistic career, precisely when he was starting out in this type of art. The young woman is remembered for her roles in “Los Exitosos Gómez”, “Lalola”, as well as in her jury stage in “La voz Perú kids” and host in “Mujeres de la PM”.

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Why was Gianella Neyra bankrupt?

In an interview with a local media, he said that at the end of the 90s he had no money. He enjoyed fame, but he was financially deprived. He even recounted that with the fair he complied with paying for his basic services.

Gianella Neyra has more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account. Photo: diffusion

“I had been a protagonist and I had nothing in my pocket (…). I have gone from earning a lot of money to being bankrupt,” said the interpreter. “The novel ‘Sunflowers for Lucia’ had been a worldwide success and they took me to presentations in Miami. I traveled on the plane in first class, I arrived at the event in a limousine, I was a megastar without a sun,” she added.

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How did you overcome your financial problems?

In all adversity, there is a lesson. Gianella Neyra said that this episode in her life helped her to be thrifty. “Because you have a job for four or hopefully six months. You are constantly exposed to unemployment,” she told Trome.

“Artists simply act, but we are just workers like everyone else,” added Gianella Neyra, who now has a busy schedule with the “Mujeres de la PM” presentations.

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“Women of the PM” has an expiration date, says Gianella Neyra

“Women of the PM” It will go off the air when Gisela Valcárcel returns to television, said Gianella Neyra in an interview she gave. As is known, she is part of this program that is broadcast every Saturday on the screens of América TV.

“We’re just leaving. No, no, to César what belongs to César. Totally, we do that and permission, ma’am, we hope we haven’t ruined your schedule. We’re going calmly,” he told the Carlos Carlin channel.