Why was Malú Costa sentenced to 8 years in prison and what was her life like in prison?

Did he get away from scandals? The 2000s onwards have been the golden age of Magaly Medina for the ‘ampays’ that he published of soccer players, models, vedettes, artists and many other characters that belonged to Chollywood. Among those celebrities was the uninhibited Malú Costa, who had been characterized as being a ‘caserita’ from media scandals every weekend. Her irreverence made her lead her life without fear of what they will say.

However, nothing in the media that happened could be compared to the time she was arrested and sent to prison. From that moment, everything changed and, after spending several months locked up, she decided to completely leave the world of television, which, although it can lead you to be very loved, can also become the villain of stories. How did the actress live the deprivation of her liberty? Below, we give you all the details.

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Malú Costa: artistic career

Malú Costa was born in Lima on May 23, 1980. As a young man he began his artistic career as a model on the Lima catwalks that took place every week in the capital’s nightclubs; Later she had the opportunity to act in the soap operas “Así es la vida” and “Mil oficios”; and she was even part of the cast of the adult production “Latin lover”. During those times, she was supported by the soccer player Aldo Olcese and that became one of the most notorious scandals that Magaly Medina’s cameras captured.

However, nothing compared to all the talk about her when the news of her arrest was shared all over the media. In fact, another controversial moment in her life was the time she visited the program “The value of the truth” and told unpublished details of her entire career. It should be noted that this occurred after she was released from prison.

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Why did Malú Costa go to jail?

It all happened in October 2005, when the model Malú Costa was accused of being involved in drug trafficking. This procedure continued after she and her partner at the time, Juan Jose Gazzo Orbegosowere arrested with a large number of ecstasy pills and packets of marijuana.

Finally, the judicial process found the actress guilty and also determined that she led an international drug trafficking network. For this reason, the Third Criminal Chamber of inmates sentenced eight years in prison and the payment of 30,000 nuevos soles together with the other three detainees. To serve her sentence, she was imprisoned in the Santa Mónica prison, in Chorrillos, where she met journalist Magaly Medina for a few weeks.

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How was Malú Costa’s stay in jail?

After 33 months, the model Malú Costa was released and was just able to see her relatives, who suffered so much from her confinement, according to what she herself told in the Magaly Medina program. “My father and my mother are a blessing. My father did not stop going to see me on a single Saturday. My dad is the best. I have felt very guilty for everything I made them suffer. He lost 10 kilos of weight and that made me feel lousy. I cried when my dad was in the clinic, because I felt that he was alone and I believed that I had to be with him because I am his daughter.“, were his exact words.

Likewise, the actress revealed that in her early days she had to sleep on the floor because she was asthmatic and the mattresses were full of humidity. On the other hand, she stated that those moments helped her to know who was with her regardless of her situation: “In jail you get to know who your real friends are. Magdyel Ugaz is one of them. I have plenty of fingers from her hand. Some models were going to see me, but when they noticed there were no cameras, they stopped going. That’s how I really got to know them, even one of them, who was my intimate…“Finally, she revealed that what hurt her the most was not being with her father when she entered a local clinic despite the fact that he had not stopped visiting her on a single Saturday. Apparently, she had learned her lesson, because she ruled out having a relationship again with her ex-partner Juan José Gazzo.