Why was Rodrigo González denounced by Karen Schwarz and Susana Umbert?

The television host Rodrigo González is once again involved in serious legal problems, after Karen Schwarz and Susana Umbert sued him again after they filed their case because the psychological experts detailed that they suffered no harm. But why did the former co-workers denounce the controversial presenter of Amor y Fuego?

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Why did Susana Umber and Karen Schwarz denounce Peluchín?

In 2020 the television host Karen schwarz He denounced Rodrigo González for violence against women and psychological violence, but at the beginning of 2021 the presenter announced that the complaint did not proceed, so he assured that he could make all kinds of opinions about her without fear of being prosecuted.

But things would not have turned out as he thought because the attorney for ‘Peluchín’, Iván Paredes, revealed that Ezio Oliva’s wife denounced him again for disobedience of authority.

“There is a new complaint for disobedience to the authority because it is assumed, according to her, that Rodrigo would have breached those protection measures … but which one is based on … is based on the fact that Rodrigo took out a fly swatter and focuses on the fly dead … she alludes that that dead fly is her ”, explained the lawyer.

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A year ago also Susana Umbert also denounced Rodrigo for having exercised psychological violence on her through her social networks, but the Public Ministry decided to archive the complaint since the expert opinion maintained that she did not suffer any damage.

“The Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Ministry, has resolved after an investigation of more than a year; has decided not to file a complaint against Rodrigo gonzalez (…) for a crime due to psychological damage, violence against women, ”said the defender of ‘Peluchín’.

Although now it has come to light that the Latina Entertainment manager appealed to the filing of her complaint despite the fact that the judge declared it null and void.