Why will Natalia Salas be induced to menopause after being diagnosed with cancer?

Natalia Salas She has become an inspiration for her thousands of followers after revealing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress, who has since shared the details of her interventions, recently told of the treatment she will undergo to combat the disease.

The former television host underwent a general mastectomy to counteract the progression of the disease and, despite facing a difficult time, was more than positive about her prognosis.

“You have to have a lot of courage and courage and think about who is worth going for and ring that bell at the end,” he said in an interview with “Domingo al día.”

Natalia Salas also explained what her treatment will be from now on, which will consist of radio and chemotherapy, as well as pills.

“How many of each, I don’t know. They didn’t talk to me about colors or numbers. About radio (radiotherapy) they told me an average of 20 and pills I don’t know, but The first time I spoke with the mastologist, he gave me to understand that it was 10 years” accurate.

However, the beloved artist added that the first step to her recovery is to put on a injection to induce early menopause: “I have to do it yes or yes.”

Natalia Salas, at another time, commented that her type of breast cancer is hormonal, which means that the neoplastic cells are more sensitive to hormonal changes and to an increase in estrogen or progesterone, according to information from the Mayo Clinic.

To avoid these changes, which usually occur during the menstrual cycle, the television figure’s treating doctors opted for this treatment.

Despite the fact that this means that she will not be able to have another child – she already has a baby with her partner Sergio Coloma – she assured that she was grateful.

“My period will never come again, this is my last rule of life. It hurts, but I’m going to celebrate it. I’m going to hug her and I’m going to thank her because she could be a mom so: thank you ruler,” he said on Instagram.

Before learning of your breast cancer diagnosis, Natalia Salas He had started his rehearsals for the new season of the play “La Chicas del 4to C”. Despite the fact that she will undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, she assured that she will not stop working.

“The producers of the play have told me that the main thing is my health, but I love working. I love to work, the spirit and joy have a lot to do with it if I stay lying in my bed, I get sicker,” she said.

However, he clarified that this will depend on the symptoms he experiences after his sessions.