Why would Stephanie Valenzuela not be with Sheyla Rojas’s ex, ‘Sir Winston’?

Cupid still not the arrow. Stephanie Valenzuela is single after her last romantic relationship was with Luke Lah. The model has been on the loose for six months, however, the leading man has not yet arrived to steal her heart and excite her again as on previous occasions.

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In the program “Magaly TV La Firme” He told what his current marital status is and it was then that the journalist Magaly Medina reminded him that the Mexican businessman Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, better known as “Sir Winston“, is single, after Sheyla Rojas it will finish him In this note from El Popular we tell you why Stephanie Valenzuela would not keep an eye on the ex-galán of “Shey-Shey”.

Why wouldn’t Stephanie Valenzuela be with “Sir Winston”?

Talking about his love life, stephanie valenzuela made it clear that she must like someone who lives in Mexico, because she lives in this country. “I don’t like anyone. But I want someone from Mexico because I live in Mexico. What is the use of falling in love with someone from here (from Dubai)?” She answered for “Magaly TV La Firme”.

Given this, the “magpie” suggested meeting “Sir Winston“, former of Sheyla Rojas, now that he is single, to which Valenzuela told the reason why he would not be with this Mexican businessman. “No, how am I going to carry leftovers from (Sheyla Rojas) (…) I don’t like them so white, I want someone more Latino, more brown, like that… My French ex-partner was black-black.”

But nevertheless, stephanie valenzuela He said he did not have defined tastes, but that Sheyla Rojas’s ex-partner is ruled out. “The truth is, the last boy I was with was a gringo with blue eyes. The truth is, I don’t have a defined type, but if you like his personality, how he makes you feel, the prototype doesn’t matter,” she said.

Does Stephabie Valenzuela know “Sir Winston”, Sheyla Rojas’ ex?

the pretty model stephanie valenzuela ruled out meeting “Sir Winston”, ex-partner of Sheyla Rojas. However, for “Magaly TV La Firme” she said that she once saw him in a nightclub in Mexico, but no one introduced them. “Yes, I saw him once in a nightclub and in fact he is not my type. I saw him a little while ago in Mexico, in a nightclub. He was with a friend, he was not with Sheyla.”

The Peruvian assured that it was him because she had already seen him on social networks. “In fact, I saw him from afar and I knew it was him because they had already put him on the networks (…) He is not my friend or anything. They never introduced him to me, but I did recognize him. It was last year (. ..) I wasn’t with girls or anything, but ok.”

Finally, stephanie valenzuela revealed a supposed characteristic of Mexican men. “The truth is, I don’t like those things, but well, that’s how Mexicans are, they’re worse, they’re cheeky, that’s what I don’t like.”

Why would Sheyla Rojas have ended up with ‘Sir Winston’?

Sheyla Rojas would have ended his relationship with ‘Sir Winston’, due to an alleged infidelity of him. She would have begun to worry her followers after posting a series of controversial messages. “Be very careful with this idea that everyone is replaceable, there are people you don’t meet twice in life,” she reads in the first story she posted on Instagram.

He also shared a video of Will Smith where he highlights that not everyone has to be by your side. In addition, to finish, she shared a meme that said: “She told me ‘you are my queen’, I checked her phone and we were the wonderful world of Disney, even Fiona was there.”