Will Fiorella Retiz open her OnlyFans account?: users ask and she answers

Without fear of success! Fiorella Retiz He was in the eye of the storm after appearing in an ampay of “Magaly TV, the firm” with Aldo Miyashiro. The communicator worked in the production of the driver’s program; however, she was not seen again on the show after these images.

The media scandal caused her to withdraw from her social networks for several weeks, but she returned and is more active than ever to interact with her followers. This October 8, the journalist was encouraged to open a box of questions in her Instagram stories, where she received more than one from her to find out if she would open her onlyfans.

The journalist Fiorella Retiz was consulted, on more than one occasion, by her followers about the possibility of opening her account onlyfans. Although, at first, the communicator categorically closed the possibility of doing it, later she had another version.

Here I leave my QR to pay the membership in advance to see if it suits me…”, assured the former production assistant. Hours later, she denied the possibility of entering that platform.

Before October 1, most of the media speculated about who would be the new tails of the program “El gran show”. Many got it right, but some didn’t. Like the case of Rodrigo González, who believed that the journalist Fiorella Retiz would participate in the dance reality show.

In this sense, he stated: “I would accept in 0.5 (seconds), I would not hesitate”. Finally, neither she nor Óscar del Portal attended the first episode of the contest.