Will Melissa Klug have to move from the house that Jefferson Farfán left her after having her new family with Jesús Barco?

The chalaca Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco have monopolized the media after revealing that they are in the sweet waitand his faithful followers have wondered where the happy couple’s love nest will be, which by the way, had also announced their marriage in style after committing to a two-year relationship.

That is why here we will reveal what the businesswoman revealed about her future after marrying her fiancé and starting her new family with him. Would she stay in the house where she currently lives with her children and what would Jefferson Farfán have given her? or will he move? That and more find out below.

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Would Melissa Klug leave the house that Jefferson Farfán left her after marrying Jesús Barco?

As the saying goes, ‘married, they want their own house’, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ gave details of what will become of her life after marrying the father of her sixth baby, this after in a past interview was consulted regarding the speculations that are around that he would go to live with the footballer in the January mansion where he lives with the children of the ‘little seal‘.

That is why to avoid more rumors like these, Melissa Klug confessed that as soon as she married Jesús Barco, she would move out of Jefferson Farfán’s house. In exclusive statements for the defunct En boca de todos space, she decided to put an end to the malicious comments and assured that her future husband would not go to live with her in the residence that she shares with her conceited.

“No, we’re moving, we’re leaving,” said ‘daughter of Callao’, this to clarify to her haters and those present on the set of the América Televisión program that she would never take the soccer player from Sports Boys to live with her in the house that the father of her children would have given her. This comment was supported by Maju Mantillawho did not hesitate to add: “Marriage and a new house.”

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What does the house where Melissa Klug lives with her children look like?

The luxurious residence that Melissa Klug shares with the children of Jefferson Farfan and the one that moved to live after her separation from the former soccer player, has a large pool, an immense garden area, not to mention that it is located in one of the most luxurious residential areas of Surco.

But that’s not all, because it also has 6 elegant rooms, 7 bathrooms, barbecue areas, a gym and large common spaces; In addition, last season decoration, with fine finishes.

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Will Melissa Klug invite Jefferson Farfán to her wedding with Jesús Barco?

The owner of more than three companies was questioned about the possibility of inviting Jefferson Farfan to her wedding with Jesús Barco, to which she did not hesitate to respond emphatically with a negative response, as she assured that their marriage will be very intimate with the presence of their families and closest friends.

“I have no problem with him, the bond we have will never be broken and we will be parents until God wants, but only my children and his family (Jesús Barco) are invited,” said Melissa Klug.