Will Nataniel Sánchez return as Fernanda to “Al fondo hay sitio”? This said the actress

The actress Nathaniel Sanchez, remembered for playing Fernanda de las Casas in “Al fondo hay sitio”, spoke with the program “Estás en todas” by video call from Spain, the country where she has lived for some years. In the interview, she revealed that the production of the series summoned several actors to return with her popular characters, including her. However, she explained the reasons for her absence and clarified if she will return as Joel González’s ex-partner.

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Will Nataniel Sánchez return to “Al fondo hay sitio”?

Many followers of “At the bottom there is room” They ask that Nataniel Sánchez return as Fernanda de las Casas. However, the Peruvian artist revealed that, although it is not in her plans to be part of the national production, she does not rule out that in the future we can see her in our country again.

Nathaniel Sanchez. Photo: LR composition/Instagram Capture

“I had a conversation with the channel when the series was just launched (again) because some characters were called for this return. At that time it was said no (her). I have projects in mind right now, so it does get complicated the fact of going to live in Peru to shoot the series. I can never say ‘I’m never going’, in any way, because I don’t know what things life will bring me. What I do know is that right now I have no plans to do ‘AFHS’“, he explained.

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What does Nataniel Sánchez think of Joel and Macarena?

In fiction, the character of Nathaniel Sanchez She had an affair with Joel Gonzáles, played by Erick Elera. At the end of the series it was shown that both had two children. However, to the dissatisfaction of many fans, this turned out to be just a dream and was explained in the new season of “At the bottom there is room”.

“I think it’s wonderful that Joel’s character falls in love, that he returns with a wonderful couple with María Grazia. I’m happy that the series generates new stories and that people get hooked on new characters, want and adopt a new character,” he said. .