Will Thalia do the same as Shakira? Shocked with a mysterious message in advance of his new song

Rumors of a separation between the Mexican singer Thalía and the businessman Tommy Mottola He is born again and becomes stronger after she shared a mysterious message along with what is the advance of her new song. Would you follow in the footsteps of the Colombian Shakira?

It turns out that the singer Thalia He will release a new song with his colleague Kenia Os titled “It’s already late to return”, but what has surprised is the comment that the Mexican made when launching the advance of this new musical project. What did she put? She then wrote: “Your suspicions of her are true.”

YOU CAN SEE: Thalía would have sent hints to Tommy Mottola in her recent song with Kenia Os

In the Telemundo program “Hoy día”, the hosts could not stop commenting on what was written by Thalia by showing the preview of his new theme with Kenya Os. “What is true? Perhaps the Peruvian thing or that they are separating? If she wanted to get our attention, then she did,” said the host who hopes to know soon what the interpreter of “Love to the Mexican”.

Let’s remember that Thalia and Tommy Mottola They made news after it was speculated that they were separating after almost 12 years due to infidelity and that the person responsible for this would have been the Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw, whom the Mexican met after they recorded the song “I’m single” together.

YOU CAN SEE: Thalía would have sent hints to Tommy Mottola in her recent song with Kenia Os

What did Leslie Shaw say after being linked to Tommy Mottola?

After Leslie Shaw was romantically linked to the music businessman Tommy Mottola, the Peruvian broke her silence a few days later and ruled out that this information is false. She even said she did not know him and only knew Thalía with whom she worked on the musical theme “Soy Soltera”, along with Farina.

Leslie Shaw He assured that the information that was disseminated on the networks does not correspond to the required veracity and Lili Estefan, a friend of Thalía, had to go out to say the couple was well and together, and that it would not be the first time that they have been separated.