Will WhatsApp stop working on several cell phones from May 31? here the truth

There are a few days left for the May 31, 2023, date on which many media say that WhatsApp will stop working on several smartphones, both Android and iPhone. Although the news has alarmed thousands of netizens on social networks, the truth is that it would be a hoax that, unscrupulously, is usually repeated every month. Here we tell you the truth.

It is impossible to identify which page was the first to share this false information, as alarming as the information sounds, it ends up being replicated by other means. As detailed by Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, this list of “phones that will run out of WhatsApp” It has been around for several years and is disguised as new every month.

The aforementioned medium contacted WaBetaInfo, a famous portal dedicated exclusively to WhatsApp, and they told him that all the news that deals with the abandonment of support, which have been published as of December 31, 2022, are totally false. Even this website has sometimes come out to deny these rumors that seem to never end.

What cell phones are compatible with WhatsApp?

“Like other technology companies, each year we identify the most outdated devices and software and those with the fewest users to decide what to stop supporting. Those devices may also not have the latest security updates. or the functionality required to run WhatsApp,” says Meta.

On their official blog, the WhatsApp developers have detailed which smartphones you can use the instant messaging app on. Although they have not provided the exact models, they have indicated the operating systems that are compatible. Here we reveal them to you.

  • phones with AndroidOS 4.1 and later versions
  • phones with iOS 12 and later versions
  • Phones running KaiOS 2.5.0 and later, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 devices.

What cell phones are incompatible with WhatsApp?

For October 2023WhatsApp has announced that will no longer support users of Android OS 4.1. As of that date, only users with a cell phone with Android 5.0 (operating system released in 2014) or later versions will be able to use the instant messaging app. Although there will be several users who are left without the app, the number will be very small.