William Levy stars in the series “Montecristo”

the cuban actor William Levy He’s the main character of the series “Monte Cristo“, which updates the literary classic by Frenchman Alejandro Dumas and his story of revenge, an action that he acknowledges that he feels tempted to carry out, although “that is where you must know how to control the animal that you carry in your heart.”

Levy (Cojímar, Cuba, 1980) plays Alejandro Monte Cristo in this series that brings the story of the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” to the present.

The protagonist is a mysterious businessman, founder of a technology company that has aroused the envy and interest of many, including another businessman who intends to acquire it, ignoring that he met Monte Cristo in the past and that he has returned seeking revenge.

A revenge that the actor, who is also one of the producers of the series, admits in an interview with EFE that he feels tempted to exercise “all the time.”

But, he assures, you have to know how to tame that feeling: “It’s as if you carry a bull in your heart and you have to know how to tame it, because if not, it will take you away.”

“I think that at some point in our lives we have all felt identified” with the story of the count of Monte Cristo“with revenge, with justice” in the face of something that was unfair, explains Levy, popular as a soap opera actor and star of “Café con aroma de mujer”, who has also participated in Hollywood productions such as “Resident Evil”.

The actor affirms that he has experienced many injustices, but highlights the need to consider whether revenge is worth it, because if you carry it out, “you dig two graves, the enemy’s and your own, you will have your life embittered, that is something very dangerous”.

His character “wants to carry out his revenge and is so blinded that he does not see what is happening around him”, while Levy says that he has learned to work so that his mind is “able to dominate his thoughts so as not to end up harming himself”.


“You have to know how to choose your thoughts as you choose your clothes,” emphasizes the actor, for whom the character of Alejandro Monte Cristo it is the most complex he has played in his career.

“They are two characters in the same person”, someone who is constantly fighting with the antagonist that he carries inside, someone whom he has been able to enjoy playing despite his complexity, he confesses.

The actor, whose private life is echoed by many media, stresses that the fact that he is an artist does not mean that he has to be giving explanations all the time.

“Occasionally I need to explain something so there’s no misunderstanding, but not all the time, you choose when you want to do it,” says Levy.

In this regard, he insists that he has his family and his children and also his work and his career, which he exercises “with great humility”, but that this does not imply “any obligation to have to explain” his life to anyone.

“If I want to, yes, but it has to be that I want to,” he stresses.

He also lives with “gratitude and humility” the recognition of his followers, since being able to do what he likes and having an audience that values ​​him is a “blessing”.

She does not rule out settling in Spain in the future, although she explains that her children live and study in Miami (United States).

“It only depends on the times, because I love Spain, I don’t know if it’s because I’m Cuban, but I feel very identified with the way of living, the way of being, I love the food, I love the people, I feel very much at home,” he concludes.