Winamp Announces Official Return With Renewed Logo And New Features

Since its launch in April 1997, Winamp has become one of the music players of choice for millions of users around the world. Not only because it allowed you to listen to your favorite songs in MP3 format, but because it had a simple interface and could be customized with various skins.

For a long time, this player was an indispensable program on any computer; However, with the arrival of Spotify and other streaming music services, this legendary software began to lose popularity, to the point that it ended up being discontinued by the developers.

Radionomy the new owners of Winamp They just announced that this remembered show will be making a comeback very soon. Through a publication on its new official website, the Belgian company showed the new logo that the application will have and announced many new surprises.

“Something big is happening. We are developing Winamp for the next generation. Not just updated, but totally remastered. The new Winamp connects you with your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you like. It is the home of your favorite music, your podcasts and your radio stations ”, you can read on the official website.

In this portal, the Winamp developers also included a download link of the version 5.8 (released a few years ago) that has company support and they urged users to download it, before the new version arrives, which you can register to try it before everyone else.

At the moment, there are no more details on the return of Winamp; however, it is most likely that it will try to compete against Spotify and not only be an MP3 file player, but also offer streaming music, podcasts, among other more current features.