Winamp presents its ‘2023 version’ to compete with Spotify and fans are disappointed to see it

For many years, winamp it was the favorite music player of millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, it started to lose popularity with the advent of Spotify and other streaming platforms. To the surprise of thousands of nostalgics, at the end of 2021, it was announced that this legendary application would return, even showing a new logo that maintained the essence of the original.

Through their Twitter account, the Winamp developers have just presented the long-awaited 2023 version with which they seek to ‘recover their crown’. A task that seems very complicated, since most of the fans who are trying the platform have been very dissatisfied, not only with its appearance, but with various features. Here we will tell you the details.

“The new Winamp Player is here. Discover the best music experience,” Winamp wrote. The company also highlighted that it will be a web player for mobile and desktop devices, with a fresh design and that it will provide a fluid experience. They also noted that they will include podcasts, radio stations, and a section to connect and support your favorite artists.

Although there were users excited about the return of winamp, many were disappointed to see that the platform is empty. Unlike the classic version, in this one you cannot play the files on your device, nor is it possible to access its content online. As for the design, there is no nod to the classic look that this program had.

“It’s not Winamp. I didn’t want a web player. We have Spotify. This sucks”, “I think Winamp just died. Q. epd, old friend”, “They just launched a platform with no content”, “You should have waited for when the app is ready, so we can play our audio offline, because your online library is empty,” were some of the comments.

How to test the classic Winamp?

In the middle of 2022, winamp threw his version 5.9 which is aimed at the most nostalgic, since it maintains the classic designs and allows you to play MP3 files (and other audio formats) that you have on your computer. To download this software, compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10, you will have to enter this official link.