Winamp returns: what other missing software should come back with a new version?

The owners of Winamp, the Belgian company Radionomy, have just announced the return of this beloved MP3 music player. Although there are not many details about his return, we already have a new logo for this app even an official page where users can register to access the beta, that is, the trial version.

“Something big is happening. We are developing Winamp for the next generation. Not just updated, but totally remastered. The new Winamp connects you with your music wherever you are. It brings you closer to the artists you like. It is the home of your favorite music, your podcasts and your radio stations, ”says Radionomy on its official website.

Like Winamp a few years ago, there were other programs that had millions of users around the world; However, as time went by, they lost popularity and ended up disappearing. Here are some of the most important.

1. Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft’s instant messaging service was very popular at the beginning of the new millennium. In addition to allowing you to send text to your friends, this program offered the possibility of sending emojis, winks (2D animations) and the classic buzzes. With the popularization of social networks, it gradually lost users and ended up being discontinued in 2013.

2. Encarta

This virtual encyclopedia was a valuable tool for students from different parts of the world, as it was available in several languages. Every year, Microsoft released an updated version that included information on different topics, such as history, geography, mathematics, among others. Unfortunately, the arrival of Wikipedia caused its demise in 2009.

3. Windows Movie Maker

For a long time it was the favorite program of the ‘first youtubers’, not only because it came pre-installed in Windows, but because it was easy to use, unlike Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, among other more professional software. Like Windows Live Messenger and Encarta, Microsoft decided to discontinue it in January 2017.

4. 3D Pinball

Since its first appearance in 1995, this friendly game has provided many hours of fun. It was so well received that Microsoft kept it until Windows XP; however, newer versions stopped including it. Fortunately, it can be found for free on online video game sites.