Windows 11: Microsoft announces that the ‘screen of death’ will have another color

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s new operating system that provides computers and laptops great features like installing and using Android apps on PC. However, one of the details had to be changed: the color of the ‘screen of death’.

For a long time, the famous’screen of death ‘from Windows that has alarmed thousands of Internet users while using their computers, has been colored blue; however, for the Windows 11 release Microsoft decided that it would become black.

Although the operating system has received several updates since its premiere on October 5, recently, the company has made one of the most anticipated changes by users: that the death screen return to be as we knew it, that is, blue.

In the event that you already have Windows 11 on your computer, we tell you that you can update the operating system through the Windows Update application.

Be careful, this has not been the only change you have made Microsoft in the program, since it was also recently confirmed that WhatsApp for desktop already allows users to chat from the computer without having the phone turned on or connected to the internet.

However, the multi-device option of the instant messaging platform is not enabled for everyone who has installed Windows 11 on their computer. This is because, at the moment, only those who are registered for the beta version of the service can make use of this functionality.