Windows 11: Microsoft presents Media Player, its new multimedia player

Microsoft has been adding new options for Windows 11 users because it wants to differentiate itself in many ways from its predecessor, Windows 10. In that sense, it will now bring a new version of its classic Windows Media Player multimedia player mainly focused on running local content with typical functions of this type of software.

With the simple name of “Media Player” This classic did not come with a new version since 2009, and now it will be the default player in the new operating system of Windows.

In 1991, Windows 3.0 appeared together with Media Player, a simple but versatile player that soon changed its name to Windows Media Player. The name change came with updates to support new video formats, DVD playback, music viewing, and support for streaming media.

The 90s were ending and Windows Media Player expanded its functions, adapting the ability to copy and record CDs and DVDs, transfer music tracks from a CD to the computer and support new playback formats. The only competition at that time was with the Winamp player, which was acquiring new users due to its striking design and ease of use.

After several years, its version 12 was replaced by Groove music on windows 8 but it remained as a secondary option in the operating system until the arrival of Windows 11, which marked his return as a primary player.