Windows: how to find and remove duplicate files on your computer?

Do a cleaning to your computer. Given the wide variety of files that we store on our computer every day, it is likely that at any moment we end up saving the same item inadvertently, causing the internal memory to run out with repetitive content.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, we show you an efficient way to scan your entire PC and thus easily detect images, videos, audios, documents and any other type of file that has been duplicated.

For this purpose, there is a free tool called Duplicates Cleaner which is available for download through Microsoft Store. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, this application automatically scans your PC’s storage for duplicate items.

Once you have it installed, enter it and select what type of file you want to detect: images video Audio or documents. Doing so will automatically open Windows File Explorer to specify which folder you want to scan.

Depending on the number of items available, the process could take seconds or minutes. At the end of the analysis, the program will show a list with the duplicate files which will include name, date and time of creation, size and location path.

Now that you have identified the repeating elements, the next step is to remove them. The application itself offers you the option of delete them with one click as well as choosing whether you want to move them to the recycle bin or discard them permanently without leaving a trace.

If you don’t want to carry out this procedure through Duplicates Cleaner, you can search the contents of your PC’s storage and delete them directly from there.