Winners of Premios Soberano 2021 will be announced through digital platforms

The producer Alberto Zayaswho will be in charge of producing the next Soberano Awards ceremony, revealed that although the award will reward two years, 2021 and 2022, the winners of the first period will be announced deferred through the official digital platforms from early hours of the day of the celebration, on Wednesday March 22.

“The entire 2021 will be announced from the morning,” Zayas said during an interview on the special program ‘Behind the Sovereign’. “From the beginning of the award day, people will already be able to know who won in 2021”

Zayas also pointed out that it was his idea supported by the Art Chronicler Association (Acroarte) and the Dominican National Brewery (CND).

On February 28, the official presenters of the next Soberano Awards were announced.

The singer and comedian Julio Sabala will be accompanied by the communicators Luz Garcia and Pamela Sued in the main conduction of the award ceremony.

In addition to the conductors of the carpet that came to light a few days ago: Denisse Peña, Juan Carlos Pichardo Jr., Isaura Taveras and Reading Pantaleon.

Likewise, Acroarte also confirmed the participation of El Alfa as manager of a musical segment, in addition to Luis Segura, to whom they will dedicate an emotional tribute, where he will perform his best hits.

And in the same way, Raulín Rodríguez who will be recognized with the Sovereign of Merit for his 25 years of experience.