With everything! Gato Cuba prepares and attends rehabilitation therapy for his debut in Sport Boys [FOTO]

With more force. Rodrigo Cuba Little by little he is leaving his past behind and preparing with everything for his debut in Sport Boys because after the ampay of his still wife Melissa Paredes with a dancer he was in the eye of the storm, however, today he is focused on arriving in good condition to your new Club.

It is so, the “Cat “Cuba He attended a sports rehabilitation clinic where a physiotherapist was doing massages on his leg muscles, as can be seen in a video that the player released through his Instagram account.

It should be remembered that Rodrigo Cuba surprised the transfer market by moving to the ranks of the Sport Boys and leave the César Vallejo University (UCV) for the 2022 season, in which he changed the prestigious and longed-for Copa Libertadores 2022 for the South American Cup 2022, his youngest daughter being his great reason, after the arduous and complicated conciliation shared with Melissa Walls.

According to what was said, one of the reasons why the soccer player would not have wanted to continue at UCV is to be closer to his daughter, since next year the national championship (League 1) will be decentralized again and Cuba would have had to return to Trujillo, thus causing a physical separation with his conceited.

Meanwhile, in the account of Instagram From the player it can be seen that the publications dedicated to the television host have disappeared and most of them only keep photos of him and his little daughter. However, looking back to the post from previous years, you can still see some memories of his marriage with the model at the time that apparently everything was happiness.

Finally, “el Gato” Cuba would have been impressed with the beauty of Flavia Laos, eat much more now that he is single and in place like her. Not only the images in a bikini were to the liking of the athlete, but also some other somewhat sexy photos where she wears a tight light blue dress resting on the grass.