With the retirement of Sergio Agüero, where did the meme of his dancing video come from?

The premature retirement of Sergio Agüero at the age of 33 left several close associates and football fans very saddened. The now ex-footballer had to ‘hang up the chimpunes’ to take care of his health, due to the heart problems he suffers and that became evident during the FC Barcelona game against Alavés on October 30. Thus, the Argentine announced the end of his career at a press conference.

The ‘Kun’ was already someone known worldwide for his time in great teams such as Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City in addition to being a benchmark in the Argentine team that reached the final of the 2014 Brazil worldcup. However, during the pandemic, he became more famous due to his arrival on streaming platforms, where he reacted to videos of freestyle battles and played with other well-known content generators such as Ibai, Rubius, etc.

Due to greater exposure on the Internet, while the world remained virtual, Agüero became someone more and more followed by the ‘spark’ and mischief that he showed in his live shows. Although, it was not the first time that the Argentine showed a facet outside of football, since in 2019 he participated in the video clip of the song 22 from TINI and Greeicy.

The ‘Kun’ went viral again in 2021 for a meme that cut out some moments of him dancing in the same video, but with a different musical background, since the song that sounded was The effect from Rauw Alexander Y Chencho Carleone which also came out in 2019.