Woman attacked two doctors with fists because they did not treat her sister ‘quickly’ in Argentina

The video that shows how a woman punched two doctors while they explained that they had to operate on her sister, a young woman who entered the emergency room on the night of December 31, has caused great outrage among citizens from Argentina.

According to Caracol news, the patient was taken urgently by her relative in the city of Tigre, due to severe abdominal pain. The woman was treated and placed on a stretcher while doctors analyzed the tests that had just been carried out. These also asked for patience.

When two professionals entered the young woman’s room to explain that they were evaluating performing surgery to remove the gallbladder his companion was quite angry, to the point of yelling at them.

The reason for their annoyance was that they were supposedly “Taking a long time” in caring for the young woman. The doctors, for their part, asked him to lower his voice and calm down, and warned him that if he continued like this he should withdraw.

However, the woman began to yell that they were disrespecting her and minutes later she attacked two doctors with fists, the surgeon who was in the room and the nurse who was accompanying him.

During the struggle, the patient began to scream and ask for them to stop, but the aggressor continued to beat the doctors. Some nurses were able to intervene moments later and reduce the woman. After the attack, the hospital reinforced the security of its facilities.