Woman befriended her mother’s killer to solve the case of other victims

Jennifer weiss a resident of New Jersey in the far eastern United States Forged a friendship with his mother’s killer, Richard Cottingham. However, behind this relationship, there was an interest on the part of the woman to unmask other crimes of the subject, also known as the “torso killer”.

His mother was called Deedeh Goodarzi and was beheaded in 1979 at the hands of Cottingham. At the scene, an individual was also found, who until now is unknown and whose hands the criminal cut off.

Before knowing how the unusual friendship began, it is important to know the origins of Jennifer Weiss.

Weiss was raised by an adoptive family; However, when he grew up and learned that his biological parents were different, he decided to find out more about his past. This is why, at the age of 24, she came to the Children’s Home Society, a non-profit organization that cares for orphaned children in New Jersey. It is in this place that he discovered that his mother had been murdered in a horrible way.

Later, it became public that Richard Cottingham was the “torso killer”, responsible for the death of Deedeh Goodarzi’s departure, as well as at least nine other women.

Faced with this situation, Jennifer decided to carry out a plan both for a personal reason and also to help give justice to those people whom this predator killed.

Weiss took courage and decided to create bonds of friendship with Richard Cottingham. In this way, the murderer began to provide the answers that relatives of other victims needed.

“The magnitude of what he did is unfathomable, but I became friends with Richard for the sake of my mother and for my search (…) I am doing this for the mothers who lost their daughters and my own mother. And for these girls their lives ended one night or one day because of Richard playing God. I won’t be calm until we find out who they were. That’s why I do what I do, ”Jennifer told NewJersey.com.

In 2017, Jennifer decided to visit Cottingham, who is now 75 years old.

“I started writing to Richard and asking him to put on his (prison) guest list. I made him happy and made him very comfortable saying ‘yes’, ”said the woman.

The woman tells that, from the first moment of contact in person, she was sincere when explaining her objective: “I knew what I wanted and I made it very clear (…) I give you my friendship to know the details of the crimes,” she told PIX11.

“Once I started to find out details about my mother’s crime, it was that she opened the door to talk about the other women she murdered. I think we have up to 75 unsolved cases, “he says.

Cottingham was charged, formally, with five murders and several other attempts, for which he was sentenced to 300 years in prison, a sentence he has been serving in Trenton State Prison, without the possibility of parole. However, the number of its victims is believed to be much higher. The killer mentioned that he has committed up to 105 murders in total over the course of his murderous career, 80 of which he described as ‘perfect murders’.

According to The Daily Mail, Cottingham claimed that he committed these murders every two weeks for 13 years, between 1967 and 1980 in New York and New Jersey: “It was a constant kind of thing,” he said. “It was flying under the radar, nobody knew.”

“The torso killer” earned the nickname for cutting off the limbs of the victims and decapitating their heads.

Currently, the notorious case of Richard Cottingham The documentary Crime Scene: Murder in Times Square is available on the Netflix platform.