Woman bought a house for just one euro in Italy and reveals the reason for the cheap house price

The case of Rubia Daniels has attracted attention in the United States after revealing her experience as one of the people who dared to buy houses for just one euro in Italy.

According to the ‘Travel and Leisure’ portal, the woman bought three houses in the town of Mussomeli, in Sicily (Italy), one for her and two for her children. To do this, she paid one euro for each of the properties, one for herself and two for her children.

How did you manage to buy a house for one euro?

Although the purchase was made in 2019, so far this ‘offer’ is still in effect in Italy, as their purpose is to repopulate some Italian towns that are falling into neglect.

Through programs, authorities allow vacant houses to be bought cheaply and even offer financial support for new residents, including help with remodeling of buildings.

However, each locality has different rules, be it in the price, the deposit, the time that the work must be finished to avoid fines, among other aspects of great importance.

Rubia Daniels case: How much have you spent since you received the affordable property?

Although in Mussomeli, the place where he bought his houses, the owners can “do what they want” with the interior, but they must keep the original facade.

Nevertheless, Blonde Daniels He indicated that it was not as cheap as it seemed, since he had to pay 5,000 euros for each property and had to commit to renovating the homes within three years.

The renovation cost for each square meter ranges between $ 120 and $ 900 and the surfaces of the buildings vary between 11 and 190 square meters.

Why do they sell a home in Italy at an affordable price?

So far, Daniels has spent $ 12,000 on the first home alone, and according to budget, to make the homes habitable, he will have to spend another $ 20,000 for each one.

If they sell you a house for one euro, it is because you have to fix it“, Alerted people who wish to fulfill” the Italian dream “when buying a house in the European country.

Despite the expenses, she has not regretted her decision and is comfortable with the purchase and with her new neighbors, whom she describes as “very welcoming.” In addition, he stated that it was “a very positive experience.”

It should be noted that Blonde Daniels He suggested that people who want to buy a house for a dollar investigate the process thoroughly before choosing the property and not buying on the Internet, as he recommends that it is better to see the property in person.

“If you find the location you want, announce that you want to register at that house. There are people who are looking for these houses and they have to be prepared, so it is better to make sure they have options, “he said.