Woman denounces TikTok for being exposed to videos that caused stress disorder

Strong reality. The world of social networks it is much friendlier to a common user than it could actually be if it weren’t for the work of the moderators. In case you did not know them, these are the workers assigned to review all the content that is uploaded to different platforms, such as TikTok or Facebook in order to prevent the publication of material that violates community norms and that could hurt the susceptibility of thousands of people. Now, as you can imagine, their work is not easy, and they are often exposed to mental disorders.

The latter may sound extreme, but unfortunately it is common in this profession. This is demonstrated, for example, by a recent case regarding TikTok. One of its moderators has just denounced the company behind the video app for failing to help her after being affected by her work.

Is about Candie frazier a moderator who accuses ByteDance of not having given her the necessary medical support after being exposed to a variety of videos that included material of child sexual exploitation, beheadings, mass shootings in schools, etc. All that content caused him the post traumatic stress disorder also know as PTSD.

According to a Bloomberg report, in the complaint, the moderator claims that she had to do videos of cannibalism, smashed heads, suicides and fatal falls from buildings.

In its discharge, the plaintiff acknowledges that TikTok is one of the few social media companies that offers the necessary support for moderators of this type (such as days of maximum four hours and psychological support); however, in his case, these were not fulfilled.

According to Frazier, the hours on TikTok are 12 hours, with only one break of 1 hour and two of 15 minutes. In addition to that, they must watch hundreds of videos on a daily basis. Frazier’s attorneys point out that the company does not allow more than 25 seconds of each clip to be viewed, and therefore some employees must view three to ten recordings simultaneously.

Candie claims that she now suffers from PTSD due to exposure to this type of material, as well as sleep disorders and nightmares that cause great discomfort. In his complaint, he demands compensation for psychological damages and that TikTok implement a medical fund for moderators.

Cases concerning the health of social media moderators have already been revealed in the past. In 2018, for example, a Facebook modder sued Zuckerberg’s platform for “constantly and unmitigatedly exposing him to highly toxic and extremely disturbing images in his workplace.” Another YouTube moderator sued Google in 2020 after reporting symptoms of PTSD and depression from the same causes.