Woman marries man sentenced to 20 years in prison for rape

In Virginia, United States, the story of Gemma Morgana 31-year-old woman, who decided to marry Leonel Vasquez, a man of the same age who is sentenced to 20 years in prison for rape. The wedding took place last December 29 in the visiting room with no witnesses, just two policemen.

It all started in 2020, when Gemma took virtual Spanish classes at her home, located in Glasgow, Scotland, and her current mother-in-law turned out to be the teacher. This is how she learned about Leonel, with whom she began communication by email and calls.

The connection grew immediately which encouraged the couple to get engaged and married. “We have the same sense of humor. We both love 90’s music and have the same favorite movies. It doesn’t matter what we talk about, ”she recounted.

It was in April 2022 that the woman traveled to the United States to meet him in person. It was enough for her to see him three times out of the five weeks she was there to feel that she could formalize her relationship. The marriage proposal was over the phone.

This story was spread by the British media. For Gemma, it is the best of her life, as she believes that “love can flourish no matter who you are. He just completes me, ”she said, referring to her current husband, who He has been detained since 2011 and could be released in the next four years for his good conduct.

Even when asked about Leonel’s conditions, he assures that at first he had doubts and fears, but when talking he clarified them and he felt very calm. He also declared that they had the support of both families.