Woman met man on Tinder and ended up kidnapping him at home

A woman, identified as Lauren Marie Dooley has been arrested by local authorities on charges of kidnapping, assault and threatening after holding, duct-taping and stabbing a man she knew on Tinder with a knife.

The incident occurred last Wednesday in the city of Colorado Springs USA. According to statements by the local media WKRC, the police officers went to the apartment complex where the accused resides, around 6 pm, after receiving a call for help. Upon arrival at the address, officers found the subject wounded and naked in the parking lot.

The man told officers that he had just met Dooley on Tinder and that they arranged to meet at his home. After that, the woman tied him up with adhesive tape and sat him on the sofa. Later, she took out a kitchen knife and stabbed him to demand that he go to her room.

“Next, she used duct tape to bind the victim at the wrists and ankles. (The victim) found it strange, but she consented. However, when Lauren reached for a kitchen knife and asked him to lie in bed with her, (the victim) did not want to be in the residence anymore, ”reads the police report.

While this was going on, the woman requested food and threatened to kill him if he tried to escape. “If you yell or say anything, I’ll kill you,” Dooley told the victim. After eating and fearful for his life, the man obeyed and went to bed. However, she fell asleep and the man took the opportunity to quietly free himself and flee.

Although the man’s wound was not deep, the woman ended up being arrested by the agents, who confirmed that the woman could face up to 25 years in prison if she is found guilty of the multiple crimes she committed.