Woman started bartering chain with a hair bra and got a home of her own

A simple barrette or hair clip was the key to obtaining a home of your own. This is how it certifies Demi skipper a TikTok user who achieved her mission in Tennessee, United States (USA), at the end of these exchanges.

“For me it was just part of a challenge. I was thinking: ‘Is it possible to do it?’ I was very curious ”, Skipper declared at the end of last month when interviewed by the British channel BBC.

The 30-year-old American obtained a property through the barter method, which began in May 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic also began as shown in a video.

He first received four glasses to drink margaritas, later a vacuum cleaner, which he in turn exchanged for a snowboard, which he later exchanged for headphones. And these were delivered by a laptop that turned into a camera.

A process that he described as “surreal”, in which he got several pairs of Nike shoes, an iPhone and later a 2008 Dodge Caravan truck.

“It was not something that mattered to me that no one else knew (…), so I began to make exchanges and record myself to remember what I exchanged,” said Skipper, who also became popular on Instagram.

Based on sites like eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist, he completed up to 28 exchanges over 18 months.

With a necklace he managed to acquire a Peloton exercise bike valued at $ 1,800, which was later exchanged for a Mustang car, and in December 2020 Skipper gave it up in exchange for a small cabin in a forest.

But the defining deal was a free meal card for a year from a restaurant chain valued at $ 20,000. Once he got it, he traded it in for another card, but from a $ 40,000 trailer that included solar panels and a refrigerator.

At that moment, he made his last trade: the trailer for a house near the city of Nashville, more than 3,000 kilometers from the city of San Francisco.

“There was something very surreal about having the keys in your hand”, Skipper mentioned. “It was like this feeling that you can’t describe. As if I had worked a lot on this one thing and I finally have it, so I will remember it forever, “he concluded.