Woman throws newborn baby into dumpster, cameras record outrageous moment

The terrible decision of an 18-year-old mother has caused great shock in the United States. It is about Alexis Ávila, who threw her newborn baby into a garbage container in New Mexico, U.S.

With total coldness, the young woman parked next to three garbage cans and threw the body of the minor wrapped in a black bag. The controversial event was recorded by security cameras in the state of USA, as reported by Fox News.

Was detained

After the case was made public, Alexis Avila she was detained by the United States authorities on charges of “attempted murder” and “child abuse”. During her testimony, the defendant referred to her baby as ‘that’ at all times.

She also justified her actions by stating that she did not know she was pregnant and that she only found out when she gave birth to her daughter in a bathroom. However, he did not want it and got rid of it by throwing it in a garbage container.

The youngest survived

Despite being abandoned for six hours, the Alexis Ávila’s little daughter managed to survive. A woman who was passing by heard her cry from the garbage dump and managed to alert the authorities in time.

“I can’t sleep at night just knowing that this baby was thrown into a garbage container like that. I’m sorry, but whoever does that, that’s evil. I have no words for that,” stated the person who rescued the minor.

It should be noted that the newborn received medical attention and her health is stable. The case of the mother of the minor is under investigation by the authorities of U.S.