Woman who murdered and cut off her husband’s genitals could not be sentenced for mental problems

Florence Amado Cattaneo, a 41-year-old psychologist, was admitted to a medical center specializing in psychiatry, in La Plata, Argentina, after being arrested last Tuesday the 10th for murdering and cutting off her husband’s genitals. If it is confirmed that she has mental problems, may not receive a convictionaccording to investigators and the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to information provided by Infobae, the sister stated that Florencia was arrested at her mother’s house, where she went after committing the crime.

Without having further knowledge of what happened, he called the 911. Minutes later, the agents of the Patrol Command, of police station 8, of the Homicide Office of the DDI of La Plata and of the Scientific Police appeared, who went to the Florencia department, where they found her husband, 47, identified as Pedro Federico Zaratedead in bed.

The man, who was a trumpet player at the Estación Provincial cultural center, had various injuries to his body, injuries to his chest, and, according to statements from sources close to the case to the Argentine media, the defendant was able to cut off his genitals.

With respect to Florencia, she was initially helped, to later be arrested and accused of homicide.

The investigators and the prosecutor of the case, Anna Medinathey decided that Florencia remains hospitalized and the pertinent psychiatric examinations are carried out while they analyze whether she will be sentenced.