World’s most expensive SMS: first text message sold as NFT for over $ 120,000

The first SMS sent in history at the hands of an operator Vodafone, which records the date of December 3, 1992, was auctioned as NFT for more than $ 120,000. At a house-run sale Aguttes in France the buyer, whose identity is little known, is a Canadian working in the technology sector. Now he is the sole owner of a digital replica of the original communication protocol that this SMS transmitted.

In addition, after adding the auction costs, the message was ultimately sold for 132,680 euros, equivalent to about $ 149,000. Received at the time by the Vodafone employee Richard Jarvis the text is 15 characters long and says “Merry Christmas” (translated to Spanish).

The NFT translated into Spanish, they are called non-fungible tokens. They are a new type of digital asset like cryptocurrencies and use blockchain technology. These consist of a way of identification that involves a multitude of individuals, without a unifying nucleus.

An NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged for an equivalent. Most of the buyers are collectors or investors who hope to be able to sell them in the future and earn a dividend.

In fact, the NFTs were the protagonists of several auctions with prices of infarction. The highest sales record is recorded by the virtual artist Beeple with a work auctioned at more than 69 million euros.