Would Gerard Piqué have been unfaithful to Clara Chía? this is what is known so far

whatGerard Piqué don’t you learn your lesson? Just days after the controversial “Music session #53” that Shakira premiered with Bizarrap in which she revealed details of the end of her 12-year relationship with the Spaniard due to an alleged deceit, a new scandal comes to the life of the former player of the Barcelona, ​​but this time he is the protagonist together with his current partner, the young Clara Chía Martí. Various Spanish media assure that the former soccer player would have missed his new romance with an alleged infidelity and these are all the details that are known so far.

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Gerard Piqué’s controversy

The Spanish journalist Jordi Martín was the one who gave the benefit of the doubt, which once again raised the controversy. “Do you know her, Gerard? Then do not be surprised that Shakira throws you to the whole world on top of you, ”reads an Instagram post. In the shared capture, the profile of Julia Puig is appreciated, the supposed new interest of Gerard Piqué.

Jordi Martín raises suspicions. Photo: Capture Instagram Jordi Martín.

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Who is Julia Puig?

The little that is known about Julia Puig It is because of their publications on their networks. However, now his accounts are private after his name was made public.

On his Instagram profile, where he has more than 25,000 followersthe young woman describes herself as a person who has a Master’s Degree in Economic Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance. Currently, I would live in Barcelona. In addition, as seen in some photographs, she would like to travel and spend time with his friends.

Julia Puig

Julia Puig is linked to Gerard Piqué. Photo: Instagram/ Julia Puig.

Clara Chía Martí’s father speaks after the song by Shakira and Bizarrap

The family of Clara Chiawho resides in Barcelonareacted to Shakira’s song, specifically her father, who, through the journalist Mayte Atmelladecided to talk about her daughter’s state of mind in the space of mediasetSave me”specialized in matters of the heart.

“The investigative team of this program has also spoken with the father of Clara Chia. Well, Clara Chía’s father is divine, he says that he doesn’t like this type of music at all, that he listens to classical music, and that he’s more into Bach and Vivaldi, and that he doesn’t go to bars. Regarding her daughter, yes, he has told us that she is sure she is very well, ”said the woman from the press.

Shakira: how much money would you be earning for your song about your breakup with Piqué?

According to information provided by La Sexta, the well-known Argentine DJ, who produced the most recent hit of the Colombian, would have obtained almost a million euros for the release of this single that already resonates everywhere.

Shakira could not say everything she thinks about Gerard Piqué in her Session #53

Shakira couldn’t say everything she thinks about Gerard Piqué in her Session #53. Photo: LR composition/ Youtube capture/ @keityn/Instagram