Would Sergio George be upset with Yahaira Plasencia for ampay with Jair Mendoza? [VIDEO]

Has your working relationship ended? After the Peruvian salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia announced in style her new romance with the singer Jair Mendoza, the reaction of his producer Sergio George It went viral, because I would not have seen this relationship very favorably. That is why in this note from El Popular we tell you more details about it, did you bother?

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Quite the opposite of what would have been expected as on previous occasions, the international salsa producer had turned his back on the popular ‘Queen of Totó‘, to whom he asked to use his ‘intelligence’ if he wanted to reach stardom, which would have shown that his working relationship would not be going through a good moment after revealing his romance with Jair Mendoza.

“You cannot reach stardom without using your intelligence, I am not saying that Yahaira is gross, but intelligence must be used, more today than social networks and in the media, everything has changed,” he said. Sergio George in a link with the América Hoy program, but that was not all.

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What did Sergio George Yahaira Plasencia and Jair Mendoza say?

As we told you at the beginning, the renowned sonero and salsa producer would not be very happy with the decision he made Yahaira Plasencia about his love life, since he hinted that this would interfere with his musical career, and he made it very clear that he does not want to gossip.

“She is being evaluated … What I don’t like is creating news to create news. That makes me look like I’m looking for news. I sell music, not gossip or scandals,” he said in a harsh tone Sergio George before the space of Ethel Pozo.