Would you agree? Woman in Florida calls for a day to be commemorated for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy

The sugar daddy and sugar mommy In recent years, elderly men and women who maintain a loving relationship with a very young person and pamper them with their luxuries and even give them money have taken center stage.

There are cases of well-known people in the world, such as the actress Salma Hayek married the French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault 60 years old. She was also the Venezuelan model Shannon Lima when she had a relationship with Marc Antony and there was a difference of 19 years. However, she has drawn the attention of a woman in Florida who celebrates a special day for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy.

It is about de Ashley Creama woman who went to the JBoca Raton Planning and Zoning Board in Florida, United States on March 2 where he amazed more than one with his request to the community. The lady asked that March 10 be taken into account and that it be designated as “Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day”.

One of the reasons that Ashley Cream believes that this special date should exist because at least in Florida it is the federal state with the most records of this type of person. In addition, she highlighted the ability of sugar daddies to be responsible for paying for people’s education.

Did you manage to convince the Florida community with your proposal to celebrate a day for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy?

The woman indicated that Miami, Palma Beach and Boca Raton are the locations in the state with the highest presence of sugar daddy and sugar mommy. Although he gave interesting arguments at the Planning and Zoning Board, he failed to convince his proposal and it was rejected.