Would you like your phone to ‘talk’ to you when it finishes charging? So you can do it

Leaving your smartphone connected to the power can affect its autonomy; For this reason, it is advisable to disconnect it as soon as it finishes charging. If you tend to forget your cell phone and leave it plugged in for several hours, then you have to try this solution, which is quite curious.

You may not know it, but there is a method so that your smartphone ‘talks’ to you when the battery is 100%. In this way, you will know that it is time to disconnect it from the current.

Keep in mind that this trick It only works if you have a smartphone that works with the Android operating system. In case you have an iPhone or another Apple device, unfortunately it will not work.

1. Login to Play Store and download an app called Battery Sound Notification

2. Once installed, you will have to give it the permissions for it to work properly.

3. Open Battery Sound Notification and press the + icon which is at the top.

4. A window will appear that is divided into three sections: mode sound and general.

5. In the first choose full batery and place 100%. In the second choose text to speech and write what you want your smartphone to tell you.

6. Finally, in general you will have to add a name and a description.

That is all. After saving the changes, your Android will read the message you wrote every time the battery reaches 100%. You can also configure a different response, in case you are running out of power.