Wow, Miau y Güi comes to the small screen after successful reception on YouTube

Thanks to the good reception from the public, the soap opera Guau, Miau y Güi starring the outstanding actor Reynaldo Arenas is already on the small screen through UCI TV An intelligent channel, which can be tuned every Saturday from from 11:00 am.

“For us it is a dream come true and thanks to the efforts of each of the artists that make up the Zanquimbalista Cultural Association, we have achieved this merit, which we believe will continue to grow even more ”, commented producer Daniel Cuadros Mozombite in a statement.

The soap opera was born from a theatrical work, in the same style as Pataclaun that began with a theatrical exercise and later it was a series that was very successful. The characters are built with the cartoon technique, using the mask as a playful resource. They want to remember old cartoons like, for example, Bugs bunny

Wow, meow and gui tells the story of a dog, a cat and a mouse who accidentally become family. They will discover the importance of working as a team to survive in the Guautástica City, which is inhabited by stray dogs and roof cats that only seek to take over the house of the protagonists.

The renowned actor Reynaldo Arenas also expressed his happiness for being part of this project called Guau, Miau y Güi

“I am happy to return with this excellent production by a great artist and producer such as Daniel Cuadros from the Zamquimbalista Cultural Association, which was very well received when we premiered in the midst of a pandemic. We hope that the public can once again accompany us from their homes, ”said the national interpreter in a statement, who at 77 years of age embodies the tender grandfather Don Nicolás.