Writer Rafael Álvarez will give a conference in New York

On Friday, February 3 at 7:00 p.m., the writerphilosopher and political scientist rafael alvarez de los Santos will offer the conference “From the Cadenuces to the Dominican-York: How the Diaspora Impacts the Dominican Economy and Culture”.

Is conference Its objective is to analyze the impact generated by the Dominican diaspora on the country’s culture and economy, in addition to offering important information on business opportunities for the diaspora in the Dominican Republic.

Is conference It is also part of the activities of the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad (former Commissioner for Culture in New York), under the direction of Francia Vargas, to offer a contribution to the culture of Dominicans in this city.

The activity is being organized by Aris Lico (event organizer) and Magdelyn Rodríguez, in charge of events for the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad.

It is located at 2106 Amsterdam Ave. 4th. NY floor. 10033.

The event will have an investment of 20 dollars and this includes the book Memorias del Sancocho, an important investigation of rafael alvarez which deals with the origin of most of the idiomatic constructions of the Dominican people.

A press release details that you can purchase your ticket via Zelle 908-404-0219 or by calling (646) 500-1504 and contacting Aris Lico.

The conference will have the support of the Directorate of Dominican Culture Abroad directed by Francia Vargas, the radio program La Chispa Radio Show of the communicator Aracelis Marizán, BGM Advisors of Pamela Cabrera Álvarez and Felipe Income Tax Real Estate of the businessman José Felipe.