Writing a legacy in the book of life

Many people always think that life is a book: with a prologue, with defined chapters, with a specific theme and with an epilogue; that life is itself a book where triumph is measurable: and the sign of triumph is economic success, that everything that implies such as a financial account, a university degree, a house, a car, a comfortable life, trips, money, admiration, etc, etc, is the destiny of the book of life, if you do not achieve these aspects your life will be a bad book, as well as meaningless.

But in addition to these aspects there are others, such as what do you want, what do you want, what are your aspirations, how are you in your emotional world, what do you want in addition to that chapter that we call success. You are happy? How do you feel? Are you a balanced person? Do you have a healthy relationship with yourself? Even in your reality are you able to feel good about yourself or do you have to be with someone or have something to be happy? You have a goal to walk on this planet, you have something transcendental to fulfill and make of that book called life, something else for which you can say “I am for something more than material triumph” and you have something still to do, something that in the end in your epilogue it makes you reflect on your higher objective, so you can say that book was full of effort, lights and shadows, but above all it was because I left a legacy for those who read your book when you are gone.