Xiaomi patents fingerprint reader that works on the entire screen

Although manufacturers are striving more and more to develop phones with better photographic system and performance, they have also taken a special interest in fingerprint reader technology. In this sense, Xiaomi has patented a fingerprint reader that can work anywhere on the screen of the smartphone.

Generally, the area of ​​the telephone that is dedicated to fingerprint reading is very specific: just move your finger a little from the area intended for the sensor for it to report errors. And that is just what Xiaomi wants to solve.

In this sense, Xiaomi’s proposal seeks that you can place your finger anywhere on the screen so that the mobile can read your fingerprint, something that the company has achieved thanks to small infrared sensors.

In this way, when pressing the screen, it would detect the specific area where the pulsation is located. The infrared emitters from said area would come into action emitting light that, when reflected by the folds of the bud, would form the profile of the footprint when captured by the infrared receivers.

At the moment, this technology is a patent and there is no device that has integrated it to date. We will have to wait until you know what you want to do Xiaomi with this revolutionary system. Of course, it is more than likely that they end up including it in their devices.