Ximena Hoyos tells about her luxurious tastes that she gave herself when she worked as a child [VIDEO]

do you remember? America Kids? Many readers will remember the famous series of America Television that had as one of its main characters the model and now influencer, Ximena Hoyos, who from a young age managed to interview great artists like Camilo, thus demonstrating the charisma that was handled in front of the cameras.

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Now, the young artist turns to her social networks where she is constantly active despite no longer being present on the small screen, so she decided to tell a little more about her past as a ‘child actress’.

In the first instance Xime, as her fans knew her from America Kids, began to remember how expensive it was to go to a concert like the ones in Floricienta that at that time exceeded a thousand suns.

“At that time my mother bought me my things, even though I was already working … or did she pay for it with my money? Did I live deceived all the time? ”, She said, remembering how she paid for those ‘little luxuries’.

“I don’t know if my mom every time she told me we’re going to buy clothes, we’re going to buy toys, did she pay for it with my money or with mine?” He asked in a funny way.

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Ximena Hoyos unconcerned about how her expenses were

After doing a little ‘remember’ and even joking about the matter that if her mother paid for her things with her money or that of her work as an actress, the athlete ignored the issue, because for her the important thing is what she lived and enjoyed .

“I think I did pay it with my money, but that’s fine, right? If I worked … for those who do not know what I was working on, I was on TV, in America Kids“, He said.

“It was very cute, it was very funny,” she finished with longing eyes, because it seems that it was a tender moment for her.