Yaco and Natalie reveal details of their dinner with Gato Cuba: “He looks like an intelligent person”

They told it all. The married couple Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz shocked the viewers of More Shows after revealing unpublished details of the special dinner at an exclusive restaurant with well-known soccer player Rodrigo Cuba and his new partner Alexandra Venturo.

This Friday, January 7, in the latest edition of the América Televisión program, the hosts decided to express what they think of Gato Cuba, who recently divorced his ex-partner Melissa Paredes. It should be noted that the model also rebuilt her love life and is in a relationship with Anthony Aranda.

“It is very early to know what will happen in the future, but what we have seen and makes us feel calmer, well in my case because she is my best friend, there is a lot of chemistry, there is a lot of respect, they have started something nice and I hope it continues to be like that, “Natalie Vértiz said at the beginning.

For his part, Yaco Eskenazi surprised the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba with praise. “He sees himself as a very equanimous person, very stable, very emotionally intelligent and that is very good for Ale because he needs to be with someone like that. They complement each other very well, we have had a great time, we have talked about everything,” he said. .

Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo already shout their love walking as a couple in a well-known shopping center

Through a series of Instagram stories Samuel Suarez He exhibited new images of Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo sharing a special moment together without caring what they will say, what do you see? Despite the fact that both shared a series of romantic clues, videos and photographs on social networks to suggest that something would already be emerging between the two as a couple, these images ended up confirming what was being said out loud.

One of the instachisms sent him the first video with a message: “Rodrigo and Ale in the Jockey as a happy couple, they were at Starbucks and then walking until 5:00 pm”. To which he replied below: “After the beach we catch them again,” Samu added for his part.