Yaco casts Natalie as a lousy travel organizer: “He made me take like 14 planes” [VIDEO]

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz spoke again about their private lives in More shows And it is that according to the model’s husband revealed, she as a travel organizer does not take any awards and it is that once she already made him have a bad experience.

“Ale was going to tell you just that, how cool that you organize trips like that, Natalie once organized a trip to Colorado (USA) and I tell you that I had to take 14 planes to get there, it took me a week, I’ll pass , I fell asleep on an airport carpet with Liam here on my shoulder. “

“I swear … 12 flights to Denver, Colorado,” Yaco added, recalling the fatal experience with his wife, model Natalie.

“He did it to save money,” Said added to try to save the situation and then Yaco continued: “He asked an aunt for the favor to organize and he will have thought about saving the boys, 12 hours … he almost killed me,” he said. .

Yaco Eskenazi ‘claims’ that Natalie views him with contempt

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz starred in a kind of live ‘couples therapy’, where some negative points in their relationship were aired, what is it about?

Natalie was initially caught after a commercial and when she was relaxed she said, “I don’t really care. Yes, I have all my versions, different realities ”.

It was at that moment that Yaco clarified that it usually happens when they both share a bed at night: “I’m already like Thalía, I have few ribs left (…) It’s horrible, I feel like this and not even anymore… Your hand is wide, it knees here , on the ribs. The worst thing is that before he told me: you are snoring, then I ‘excuse me, my love’, and I would lie on my side and pass, Now she makes me like this and I turn around and she’s like this (angry), with contempt she sees me, as if saying ‘I mean, you’re going to stop or what the pod is like’ ”.