Yaco compares the trophy of his program with the Gaviota obtained by Milena and Susan in Viña del Mar: “Almost almost”

In 2019, Susan Ochoa raised the name of the country by obtaining two Silver Gavills from the important international festival of Viña del Mar, an event that rewards the best of Latin American music in its different categories. However, Milena Warton also made history this 2023 by taking one of the awards.

However, both were invited to the program “My mom cooks better than yours” with the purpose of getting away from the microphones and showing how talented they are in the field of cooking, since Susan had to have a northern-style kid ready, while Milena was assigned to prepare a spicy guinea pig.

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It was precisely Ochoa who started the confrontation and, true to his style, he did the best he could while delighting with his singing in front of the cameras of Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi, but it was the latter who made a particular comment that had to do with with their television space and what has been achieved by both singers in their musical career.

And it is that the prize offered by the Yaco and Ethel contest is a ‘golden fork’: “I want that gold fork”, indicated Susan Ochoa, but Eskenazi added a singular comment after listening to her: “It is almost almost like winning the Seagull, I tell you eh, practically”.

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