Yaco Eskenazi assures that Jefferson Farfán’s closet looks like a shopping center

Jefferson Farfan He is one of the few athletes who has transcended beyond the world of football to also become a personality in entertainment circles. The current Alianza Lima player has also been characterized by showing his luxurious trips, as well as his expensive clothes that he usually wears in his day to day life.

Precisely, Yaco Eskenazi was present in the latest edition of the new segment of América Televisión shows and revealed his sensation after knowing the closet of ‘Foquita’. According to the husband of Natalie Vertiz the blue and white striker seems to have a shopping mall inside his room.

The popular ‘historical captain’ of the ‘lions’ not only compared Jefferson Farfán’s wardrobe to a mall, but also claimed that it looks like Disney due to the multiple garments you could choose from.

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know the mall (shopping center) that he has inside his room (laughs). I like clothes, it looks like Disney, “he said. Then he added: “And one of the things I asked him is: ‘How do you choose?’

Yaco Eskenazi is not only a close friend of Jefferson Farfán, but also of Paolo Guerrero. For this reason, the former reality boy came out in defense of the national attacker, who recently received harsh criticism after celebrating his birthday with a massive party despite the increase in COVID-19 infections.

“My job is not to criticize, each person owns their actions and has every right to celebrate, I have nothing to say about it. I hope you had a good time, “he told El Popular.